The book lamp

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Retro personal book reading light
  • Retro styled personal book reading light
  • Clips directly onto your book or place it on your desk, table, trophy cabinet, etc.
  • High powered LED Light
  • Long battery life
  • Cute and stylish retro design
  • Arm and head pivot to direct light where you want it most
  • Light weight and easy to carry around
  • Battery operated
  • Makes a cool gift

The Book Lamp is a fully functional retro-style mini personal book reading light. And, it has a desk base too! Use it to read discretely at bedtime by clipping it onto your book. Or place it on your desk, table, shelf or just pop it into your trophy cabinet for when friends come to visit, but don't forget to lock it.

The arm and lamp head joints pivot to direct the light where you want it most and the LED bulb will shine as brightly as your own feeling of self-satisfaction. Comes in a 'hip' and 'with-it' printed window box with a small set of devilishly obvious instructions to satisfy the tiny geeky part that lives inside us all.

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