Twist Cable Protector - Set of 4

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One of the best cable protectors that actually makes sense!

  • Just twist around the cable and it wraps easily
  • Put, twist, and bend
  • Made from highly flexible, eco-friendly silicone
  • Does not deform easily 
  • Completely protects all cables
  • Comes in a set of 4 protectors

Are you getting a lot of headache every time your authentic charger cables are getting damaged by mishandling or frequent usage? It is indeed a big frustration when you are in the middle of an important conversation and your gadget is already low in battery but unable to charge because your charger cable has a loose end with exposed wires?

The Twist Cable Protector is specially made for your all your gadget needs. It is designed to effectively protect any type of charger cables ranging from iPhones, Android and other Smart phones, computers, USB-powered devices and more. You can install them on just about any power cables of today’s modern world. Its internal diameter is compatible on any standard charger cables in the market.

The Twist Cable Protector is made out of Silicone which is heat-resistant that endures hot wires, rubber-like characteristic for flexibility and bendability, moisture-absorber to keep the cables dry, and hard which makes Twist durable.

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