Unbreakable Chalkboard Chai Cups

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Set of 4 or 6 Cutting Chai Cups with a Black Caddy
  • Material: Tea Cups are made of Polycarbonate (Shatter-Proof Food Safe Plastic) & Caddy is made of Wrought Iron.
  • Colour Scheme: Chalkboard Solid Multi-color Cups in six different Holi colors with Black Caddy.
  • Unbreakable, microwave safe, top-shelf dishwasher safe, premium design and feel. It is chip-resistant and break-resistant too!
  • Package Contents: - 4/6 unbreakable chai cups (150 ml each) & a Black Caddy.
  • Made in India. The product is made of polycarbonate and looks like Glass, but it is NOT GLASS or Ceramic. The material is tougher & durable than glass/ceramic, but slightly lighter than Glassware/ceramic products in weight. 

    Experience the classic Bombay tapri chai feel at home with these quirky Cutting Chai Cups from HitPlay. Paired with a rustic tea stand, these chalkboard cutting cups will make you fetch compliments for serving a fun and personalised round of tea. Call your friends over, write their nicknames on each cup, flavour of chai served or go creative your own way and scribble a personalised messages to make interesting conversations over tea. And don't fear if you drop them, they are unbreakable! Just pick them back up, place 'em in the rustic chaiwala stand as if nothing happened. Secret - they make an awesome gift for your tea-loving friends too! 

    Note: These are food-safe and suitable for serving water, alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages and comply with LFGB migration tests as specified by TUV Rheinland (Germany).

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