USB Hub (4 Ports) with Stationery and Mobile Holder

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Multi-Functional Device, The Perfect Office Gadget.

- Has 4 USB Ports, for multiple uses
- Has a stand to hold your smart phones
- Supports phone charging
- Also, includes a stand to keep your pens and other stationery
- Includes 2 level light
- Weighs 95 gms
- Measures 9.5 x 7 x 9 cms
- Makes an Excellent Corporate Gifting Gadget 

The Ideal buddy on your desk. This awesome gadget is a USB Hub which when plugged into your computer gives output to 4 other USB Hubs. Use the hub to charge a smart phone or plug in USB drives when required. The Stand can also be used to place a smart phone, store your pens and other stationery, etc. Excellent Business/Corporate Gifting Option ! Gift it to your favorite colleague for Birthdays Diwali or be the Secret Santa for Christmas! 

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