Vinyl Blackboard Sticker

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- The Vinyl Blackboard Sticker can be easily cut in the desired size and applied to the surface.
- The sheets are erasable and water-resistant.
- Wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth.
- The blackboard sticker is reusable making it a low-cost and low-mess alternative to traditional blackboard paint.
- Box Includes Wall Sticker and Five Pieces of Chalk.
- Measures 60 x 200 cms

Transform any flat surface into a fully-functional chalkboard with these adhesive blackboard vinyl sheets. These vinyl sheets are easy to apply, cut, reshape, reposition, and remove without any damage or residue.  Simply cut the desired size and attach to cupboards or walls. Each sheet  can be safely written on with any standard chalk or chalk marker. The vinyl blackboard sticker can be cleaned with a dampen cloth and can be reused.

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