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Warrior Toothpaste Dispenser

Regular price Rs. 499.00

The all in one wash set.
  • Automatic toothpaste dispenser squeezer,
  • Gargle cup,
  • Toothbrush holder,
  • Works with vacuum extrusion that can be stuck on the wall,
  • Gargle cup prevents dust and water,
  • Package contains 1 wash set, 2 hooks and 1 assisted membrane.

The Warrior Toothpaste Dispenser has 3 functions in 1 - A toothpaste dispenser, gargle cup and toothbrush holder. Additionally, with a hook it can be stuck on the wall saving space. Based on the depth of the toothbrush propulsion you can adjust the amount of toothpaste easily. With it you can also totally squeeze the toothpaste. The Gargle cup with an inverted design prevents dust and water.

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