Watch Storage Box - 10 Slots

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Keep prying hands away from your prized possessions!

- This elegant and beautiful display case is constructed of premium PU leather and with elegant contrast stitching for a classic and attractive appearance that makes a great decorative accent
- Clear glass top gives you a open view and you can quickly find your favorite watch 
 Lined with a luxury cream velvet and secured with metal clip lock
- Holds up to 10 watches
- Color: Solid Black/Textured Black with white stitching (design sent would be as per availability)
Measures 25 x 20 x 8 cm approximately
- Package Contents: 1 x Watch Storage Box &  10 x Removable Pillows
- Makes a great gifting product!

Simply place your wide collection of watches inside the Watch Storage Box and place it in any dresser, vanity, or retail counter to keep your watches organized and beautifully displayed in your home or store. You can store up to 10 watches. Whether you're an avid collector or just starting your collection this watch box features multiple pillow lined compartments that preserve the life of your watches and make them easy to find. 

The watch display box has a glass viewing panel and a metal clasp providing secure closure. Our watch box features a sturdy lock that keeps your watches safe & keeps them from falling out and shattering if the box falls.

You can remove the pillows to make room for small accessories such as storing earrings, bracelets and much more making it a great convenient and portable storage box for your trips. 

Ships in 2 business days.