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Waterproof iPad Case

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Dry Tablet Case


- Waterproof vacuum seal through medical grade one way deflation valve 
- Secure 4-Lock element resistant closure 
- Tear resistant crystal clear housing for touch & camera use
Waterproof Stereo Headphone & Microphone jack 
- Works with any Tablet or E-Reader
- Tested to 100 feet for 1 hour

Box Includes:
Case, pump, neoprene armband, and lanyard

Designed to create a watertight vacuum seal, simply slip your tablet or e-reader inside the DryCASE and lock the clasps. Position it how you'd like to use it in the case, then use the vacuum hand pump (included) to remove the desired amount of air. Remove all of the air so that the case is flush against your device screen for touchscreen access. A built-in three-way headphone jack lets you use both stereo headphones and a microphone to listen to music or watch a movie. 

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