Write-On-Me Planters

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Present a plant with love and life.

  • Cup and saucer planter with little chalk board to write your message
  • Makes a great presentation and a good way to gift plants
  • Can be used to keep knick-knacks too
  • Chalks included
  • Made from terracotta
  • Designed and handmade in India
  • Cup Height: 4", Saucer Diameter: 9.5"

Greetings with flowers are good. But, when they're dead, what sense do they make? Just pretty looking with no substance really. Give someone a real gift really, something they will take care of and remember you while they do.  

These Write On Me Planters do just that, with life in them. They're hand-painted cups and saucer planters with 3D shape black boards that you can write on with chalk.  

Perfect for little gestures, love notes, greetings or even the name of the plant itself. Comes with a pair of chalks. 

Ships in 4 business days.